Paseo Verde Phase III Apartments

1232-05-Fountain-Monument_PaseoVerde_RelatedCo..jpgProject Name
Paseo Verde Phase III Apartments

General Fontana Area
Central Fontana

Project Description
Paseo Verde Phase III Apartments are the third phase of the Paseo Verde community consisting of forty-six, two and three bedroom  townhome style housing units.  The recreational amenity package shall include a community room, multi-purpose room, office areas, and miscellaneous other uses.  Laundry facilities will be included within the community space.  Outdoor amenities shall include patios, an outdoor water feature for children and other open space. 

Project Benefits
The third phase of the community will continue to impede on the need for affordable housing in the City.  The project will continue the high quality of homes that the Housing Auhtority continues to build within the City.

Project Location
Northwest corner of Valley Boulevard and Juniper Ave, adjacent to Paseo Verde Phase I and II. 

Project Status
Construction Complete

Any individual who wishes to inquire as to the status of occupancy can call our interest list telephone line/voicemail at (909) 829-1100, or send inquiries to Paseo Verde Apartments

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Housing Authority at (909) 350-6657.