Online Maps

The following online maps are provided to help residents and visitors locate services and information within the City of Fontana.

City Council Districts Map

The City Council Districts map helps residents identify which District they live in.

Elected Officials Graphic

The Elected Officials map helps residents identify their Local, State and Federal representatives.

Get Directions

Get Directions to Police, Courts, Detention Facilities, Impound Facilities, and Hospitals contracted by the City of Fontana.

Government Services

Find City Buildings, Fire Stations, Libraries, Phone Services, Police Area Commander Program, Police Stations, Post Offices, School District, Street Cleaning, Trash Pickup and Water Services contracted by the City of Fontana.

Pacific Electric Trail

Take a virtual tour of the Pacific Electric Trail.

Parks and Recreation

Obtain information about parks, recreation facilities and activities near you.

Zoning, General/Specific Plan

Obtain Zoning, General/Specific plan information by location.