Registration Requirements

Prior to entering the program, potential applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • be referred to the program by a parent, school administrator, Child Welfare and Attendance, court or probation 
  • be accepted by the Admissions Board
  • parent(s) and the student must attend a parent/student orientation

Once the applicant has been accepted and the parent and student have attended orientation, information will be provided to the parent(s) regarding the program start date.

Applications will be accepted at the Fontana Unified School District Police Department.  Please fill out and mail, fax or deliver application to:

Fontana Unified School District Police Department
Attn:  Officer Avila
9680 Citrus Avenue, Bldg. 20
Fontana, CA 92335 

Ph:  (909) 357-7600 Ext. 29073
Fax  (909) 357-7554