Administrative Services Division

 Captain Angela Stover


Angela Stover

(909) 350-7715

The Administrative Services Division's primary mission is to provide support services to the Field Services and Special Operations divisions. This mission is primarily accomplished through civilian employees.

Communications Center

For information, please visit Communications Center.

Internal Affairs & Risk Management Unit

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for investigating citizen and employee complaints. In addition, they are responsible for handling risk management issues which necessitate the investigation of liability claims filed against the City.

Personnel, Training & Background Unit

The Personnel, Training, and Background Unit is responsible for recruitment for the Police Department as well as conducting the background investigations for all Police Department employees. In addition, the unit is responsible for ensuring all employees meet the training requirements for their positions.

For employment information, please call (900) 350-7711 or visit Employment Opportunities.

Property Unit

For information, please visit Property Unit.

Records Unit

For information, please visit Records Unit.