Employment Opportunities

Looking for an exciting summer job?

The City of Fontana will be hiring for the positions of Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, Assistant Pool Manager, and Pool Manager. The City is looking for enthusiastic, friendly new team members to help carry our program through the year.
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Job Descriptions


The hero of summer and the primary safety personnel at Fontana's pools. This position will require the employee to be vigilant and prepared to respond to any emergency. Not only will the lifeguard be ensuring patron safety, but they will also be providing the outstanding customer service that Fontana expects from its aquatic staff.

Water Safety Instructor

Teaching swim lessons is only one of the many responsibilities of a water safety instructor. This employee will be responsible for creating a positive learning environment for children and adults to develop their aquatic skills and for carrying out all duties expected of a lifeguard.

Assistant Pool Manager

Assistant Managers are the seasoned instructors and exemplary lifeguards that work in Fontana. As an assistant manager you will be responsible for supervising staff during daily operations, interacting with the public, maintaining proper pool chemistry, handling monetary transactions, and all duties expected of lifeguards and water safety instructors.

Pool Manager

The pool managers are the team leaders of Fontana's aquatics department. Pool managers are responsible for staff training, scheduling and supervision, verifying cash funds, marketing and program development, interacting with the public, and all duties expected of an assistant manager.

To see full job descriptions and open positions please view our Human Resources page