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 Upcoming Interactive Art Events

  • Friday, March 30 - Fontana's Talent Showcase Video Debut                                                                                                              View Fontana Virtual Talent Showcase now

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  • Friday, May14 @ 5:30pm-7:00pm: Kid's Paint Night - Art and Science Collide! (Ages 5-12)
  • Please click here for more information or to register for these upcoming events. *Paint nights are $7 per participant, materials provided. Make & Create is $5 per participant, materials provided.

Virtually Attend Imagination Studio Art Lesson, Register Now

Register now for a fun custom art activity lesson by registering for Imagination Studio! Choose a theme or a medium (acrylic paint, watercolor, chalk pastel, impasto or air dry clay) and we will create a fun and educational art activity.

These one-on-one or small group virtual lessons are open to all ages and run between 45 - 50 minutes, and will include art materials, live instruction via Google Meet, and fun and education art activities for registered participants. 

Imagination Studio requires a paid pre-registration fee of $6 and date/time will be made by appointment. Art materials will be provided for the virtual event. Art material pickup information and virtual event login details will be distributed to registered participants prior to Friday’s event.  


  1.  Fun Art Activity
  2. Discover an Artist
  3. Virtual Art Gallery

Creative fun for everyone! Be sure to visit each week and try out a weekly art activity inspired by and in celebration of  African-Americans! 

Week 1- Feb 1-  Imagination Painting in the style of Horace Pippin 

man on a bench

 Week 2- Feb 8-  Colorful Abstract Circles with Alma Woodsey Thomas

Alma Woodsey Thomas  Art

Week 3- Feb 16- Classics Re-Imagined with Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley Kehinde Wiley 2

Week 4- Feb 22- Painted Stories with Jacob Lawrence

Jacob lawrence art

 Art Immersive Experiences 

  1. Art Activities and Lessons
  2. Kid's Art Corner
  3. Artist Exhibit Interviews
  4. Previous Fontana Art Program Highlights
  5. Art Appreciation Week Artist Interviews

Artists in Action (pre-recorded videos) 

  1. Singing, Painting
  2. Cooking, Piano
  3. Acting, Painting
  4. Graphic Design, Bookbinding
  5. Meditation, Acapella  

Artists in Action videos featuring:

Music & Singing with Stargazer Productions (Fontana Center Stage Theater) 

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Painting with Artist Jerry Owens - Learn the behind the scenes process and tips of creating a painting.

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Featured Artist Spotlight 

  1. Abstract & Pour Painting 
  2. Oil & Mixed Media
  3. Watercolor
  4. Ink & Oil
  5. Watercolor & Gauche 

 Artist biographies and art featuring

Artist Kamelyta Noor  

No Steak Left In Town- Kamelyta Noor Still Here- Kamelyta Noor Patty Melt And Grilled Onions are Crazy Good- Kamelyta Noor

Artwork (listed left to right) : There is No Steak Left in Town (Acrylic) , I Am Still Here (Acrylic), Patty Melt with Grilled Onion Looks Crazy Good (Acrylic)

An abstract fingerpainter, Kamelyta was born in Malaysia, but currently is living in the Inland Empire. Only recently did she discover her talent for finger painting while experimenting with leftover acrylic paint. Her art is whimsical, bold, unique, classy, quirky and definitely colorful.

"I am not a deep person, a poet or a philosopher. I just love playing with colors intuitively. Combining and contrasting them. My emotions, feelings and fervor dictate to my finger. I don’t think or ponder or meditate. I let go and the colors tell the stories of my heart. My hunger, my sadness, my anger; my desire, my love, my happiness; my pride, my regrets and my longing are all in my art. Every piece is a story told through colors. I become alive. I am happy!" •

Artist Meg Cushing

Portal into a Better Future (Meg Cushing) Acceptance (Meg Cushing)        

Artwork (listed left to right) : Portal into a Better Future (Acrylic/Mixed Media), Acceptance  (Acrylic/ Mixed Media)

Meg Cushing aka Maezy Stardust is a Mom, Teacher, Artist, Bard, Mystic, and Intuitive Coach. She is trained in multiple instruments, various forms of 2D/3D art, and teaches workshops for team building, special events and alternative therapy. Her goal is to inspire other to tap into their inner intuitive creative spirit to discover more joy and fulfillment in their lives. To see her latest work and see descriptions of her paintings check out

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For more information about facilities, programs, events, exhibits, or classes, contact us at (909) 349-6979 or email Fontana Arts.