Plan Check


The Plan Check Section of the Department of Building and Safety is responsible for the review of all plans that are submitted for conformance to all applicable codes.

Review Process

Staff will review your plans and will determine if your project is in compliance with the building, fire, safety, and related code requirements. If your plans meet these requirements, and are approved by the other applicable departments, a permit can be issued when appropriate fees are paid to the City and various other agencies (such as the Inland Empire Utilities Agency) for sewer service and the appropriate school district.

If the plans do not meet the minimum standards, the building official or designated staff will notify you that corrections or changes are needed, and may suggest solutions to help correct the problem. The first review of plans in the plan check process, which generally takes between four and six weeks. If corrections are needed, the second plan check generally takes two weeks. The time between checks, where the owner is changing or correcting identified problems, is entirely dependent upon the individual owner / contractor and is not controlled by the City.