Building Permits

Please Be Advised

If a contractor is actually doing your work and has asked you to obtain a permit, please be aware that you will be assuming the liability for the project, including such things as taxes, personal injury, etc. For complete information, read the Owner Builder Verification document (PDF).

Required Information to Obtain a Building Permit

  • Application - Complete the Application for Building Permit and Plan Check (PDF)
  • Drawing / Site Plan
    • Interior remodels require floor plans
    • If there is electrical, plumbing, and/or mechanical work involved, those items must be reflected in the plans / drawings
    • Room additions / larger remodels may not be approved over the counter and may require additional plans not listed above
  • Neighbor Authorization (fences and walls only) - Required if you are constructing directly on the property line
  • Owner Builder Verification - If the owner is allowing another person to pull a permit on their behalf
  • Newly Purchased Properties - Owners of newly purchased properties must provide proof of ownership

For questions about these requirements, please contact the Building and Safety Department at 909350-7640. You may also obtain additional applications and information from the document library (PDF).

Permit Process

  • Once applications are complete you may bring the documents to the Building and Safety Department. Building and Safety will provide the necessary information to the Planning Division
  • Sign in at the planning counter to receive a planning review. Approval is required prior to the issuance of a building permit
  • Upon approval by the Planning Division, you will be referred back to the Building and Safety counter to complete the permit process

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