Skills for Good Preventative Care

Continually shaping the City of Fontana into a healthy, active, and livable community, the Healthy Fontana program assists Fontana residents in:
  • Learning skills for good preventative care
  • Understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
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Healthy Fontana promotes programs that enrich the quality of life for Fontana residents:
  • Active Living - Exercise
  • Community Partnerships - Working Together
  • Nutrition - Smart Choices
  • Smart Growth - Building A Livable Community
Active Living - Exercise
Active living is about encouraging community members to "Just Move" toward an active lifestyle by getting involved in existing community programs such as:
  • Walking Clubs
  • Community Gardening
  • Company Wellness Programs
  • Exercise
  • Sports
  • Swimming
Active living is designed to be implemented in conjunction with the smart choices nutrition program for maximum benefit.

You can start your personal activity plan or participate in local and community programs offering fitness, exercise, or physical activity.
Nutrition - Smart Choices
Nutritional education is an integral component of the Healthy Fontana program that provides hands-on, fun-filled, and interactive health and wellness programs and workshops such as:

Smart choices in nutrition, combined with the other components of the Healthy Fontana program will enhance the quality of life for Fontana residents.
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