Our Beginnings

Leading to a Healthier Lifestyle
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Healthy Fontana was created to inform, educate, and change the way people eat, exercise, and live. Healthy Fontana encourages residents to make choices that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. The program is being offered by the City of Fontana Community Services Department and various community businesses and local organizations. 

Acquanetta Warren
Healthy Fontana is the brainchild of Mayor Acquanetta Warren. Alarmed by the growing rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, Ms. Warren wanted to do something within her community to challenge residents to get fit and be active! With support from the mayor and City Council, Ms. Warren began to establish and create a campaign against youth “di-obesity.”

Official Introduction
On January 15, 2004, the Healthy Fontana program officially kicked off during a press conference held at Hemlock Elementary School in Fontana. City of Fontana former Mayor Mark Nuaimi, City Manager Ken Hunt and Healthy Fontana founder Acquanetta Warren were on hand to introduce the program and its goals to the media.

Community Support
The Healthy Fontana program has won the support of local Fontana home builders such as Randall Lewis of Lewis Operating Corporation and Reggie King of Young Homes. San Antonio Community Hospital and Kaiser Permanente Hospital have shown great support for the program and provide community education and a workshop/ lecture series. Various grocery stores, restaurants, and businesses have offered the program support as well.

Healthy Fontana launched its website in Fall 2003, and a Spanish version was implemented in April 2004. The website gives the community access to information about programs, health issues, calendar of events, healthy recipes, updates and much more.