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Stay Active 

There are many ways to stay healthy and active. We can keep cool by staying indoors and we can take a break outdoors.

(Disclaimer: Individuals should consult their physician before starting any exercise program or changing their diet to limit risks of injury). 

Indoor Activities

Here are a few ideas for staying active indoors! 

  1. For All Ages
  2. For Kids

Take a Virtual Fitness Class - There are plenty of FREE options online.

Outdoor Activities

Being out in nature is not only great for our body but it can be great for our minds. Here are some ways to stay active while enjoying the outdoors.

  1. For All Ages
  2. For Kids
  • Walk/run around your neighborhood and say hi to all of your neighbors who are getting outside too.
  • Go for a scenic drive.
  • Go for a bike ride on the Pacific Electric Trail.
  • Do some gardening or landscaping. Here are some resources to help you get started:
Picture of a blackberry in front of a mini sign labeled 'blackberry' with plants in the back

Pacific Electric Trail 

  • This 18.4 mile trail runs 7 miles through Fontana crossing multiple parks, resource centers, and beautiful scenery.
Pacific Electric Trail (FONTANA) Map