Additional Omega Sprinkler Head Information

How to Know if You Have Omega Sprinkler Heads
Central Omega sprinkler
The Central Omega sprinkler can be distinguished from most other fire sprinklers because of its three discs that protrude from the bottom. However, other models may look similar, so you should verify that the model is indeed a Central Omega sprinkler.

You can also visually inspect your sprinkler heads and note the model number on the deflector, which is the piece of metal that is visible by looking at the sprinkler head from bottom. The model number can also be found on the body of the sprinkler head itself. Because removing sprinkler heads takes special tools and knowledge, it is recommended that you contact a licensed sprinkler contractor.

What to Do if You Have Omega Sprinkler Heads
As a homeowner or occupant, you no doubt want to protect yourself and make sure that your vital life safety system is in proper working order. Replacing your sprinkler heads is the best way to ensure that your system will function properly in the event of a fire.

After reviewing this information, please contact a licensed C-16 fire protection contractor and explain what you need done. Most contractors give free estimates for replacing sprinkler heads - be sure to get several in order to get a competitive price. View a list of contractors

For More Information
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