Cadet Program

The purpose of the Police Cadet Program is to attract young, well-qualified men and women to participate in an organized on-the-job training program. This program includes instructions in the duties, responsibilities, methods, and techniques of the Department. The program is designed to better qualify the members for police officer and other criminal justice positions when they have reached the age of 21.

Participants in the Police Cadet Program are expected to gain practical knowledge of the functions of the Department and the basic theories of law enforcement by attending college and university police science, criminology, and related courses, coupled with actual performance in the Police Department.

The Police Cadet Program is a part-time training program for college-enrolled students who hope to assimilate into a regular officer position with the Fontana Police Department. Individuals desiring to become a Police Cadet must pass a rigorous background investigation as well as meet specific physical and mental standards. Funding for the program is made available through the state's COPS Program.

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