Establishing A Business

How To Get Started
If you are considering conducting business in the City of Fontana, the first step is to contact the Planning Division prior to purchasing or leasing property for your business.

The Planning Division staff is available to assist you and work with you in establishing your business. The staff will discuss the proper zoning for your business and will be able to discuss the development standards that may apply.

Development Standards
Following are some of the typical development standards:
  • Parking - Does the property have sufficient parking pursuant to the City’s standards for the intended business? If not, the staff can advise you on the process for obtaining approval of appropriate parking facilities.
  • Business Signage – The City limits the amount of permanent signage on all businesses. The height and location are all regulated. A Building Permit is required to alter, change, enlarge, add to, or remove any or all business signage. A Temporary Sign Permit is required for all banners, flags, pennants, etc. A Temporary Use Permit is required for all outside displays.
  • Colors –Color combinations and color schemes for commercial and industrial buildings approved under a “Design Review” or “Administrative Site Plan” application shall not be modified or changed without prior approval of the Planning Division.