Approval Process

The process outlined below applies to most businesses physically located in the City. There are, however, certain types of businesses which may require additional inspections and/or investigation. Although businesses physically located outside of the City limits may not require any inspection by the Planning or Building and Safety Divisions while still conducting business within the City, certain types of business may require further review by the Police Department.


  1. All completed Business License / Tax Certificate applications are submitted to the Business Services Division along with the appropriate fees and/or taxes.
  2. Upon review, the application is forwarded to the Planning Division for review of zoning requirements.
  3. If the application is approved, it is forwarded to the Building and Safety Division for an on-site inspection of the building and determination of conformance with the building regulations of the City.
  4. Upon receipt of the Building Division approval, the application is then forwarded to the Business License Division for final processing.

If further action is required by any of the above departments, you will need to immediately respond to any and all such matters identified by the above named departments.

Depending upon the type of business that is to be conducted and assuming complete compliance with all codes, the entire business license approval process should be completed within two to three weeks.