Completed Projects

Juniper  Avenue at Metrolink and Sierra Avenue at Metrolink Crossing

Completed in March of 2018, this project constructed sidewalk, curb, and gutter on both sides of Sierra Avenue and both sides of Juniper Avenue at the Metrolink crossing.  Sierra Avenue was widened within the existing Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink) right-of-way.  New pedestrian crossing gates and swing gates were installed to meet new California Public Utility Commission requirements and new Class III bike lane signage.  This project was possible through a Transportation Development Grant.

Randall Avenue and Juniper Avenue Traffic Signal

Completed in March of 2018, a new traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Randall Avenue and Juniper Avenue along with ADA compliant curb ramps to provide connectivity to Randall Pepper Elementary School.

Banana Storm Drain

Completed in March of 2018, the Banana Storm Drain and Sewer Improvement Project located south of the I-10 Freeway between Jurupa Avenue and Santa Ana Avenue, installed new sewer and storm drain to help alleviate flooding. 

Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is a city-wide plan that provides a clear and comprehensive framework for new and safer connectivity of non-motorized transportation options throughout the City. The ATP was adopted by the City Council on November 14, 2017.  To view the ATP click here

Cherry Avenue at  Victoria Avenue Traffic Signal

Completed in June of 2017, this project installed a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of Cherry Avenue at Victoria Avenue. This signal will be removed as Victoria Avenue will ultimately be realigned to Walnut Street, as part of the West Gate Specific Plan. 

Merrill Avenue and Laurel Avenue Sidewalks

Completed in March of 2017, this project installed sidewalk and ADA compliant curb ramps along the south side of Merrill Avenue and the east side of Laurel Avenue.  This project has provided connectivity for children and parents walking and biking to and from the school at the corner of Alder Avenue and Merrill Avenue.