Community Meetings

Area 1 - all areas north of the 210 freeway
Area 1 - (DW Long Elementary)

Area 2 - area from the 210 freeway south to Foothill
Area 2 - (Heritage Community Center)

Area 3 - area between Foothill and 10 freeway 
Area 3 - (Palmetto Elementary School)

Area 4 - all areas south of the 10 freeway
Area 4 - (Southridge Middle School)

Community meetings are conducted quarterly to encourage on-going input, evaluation, and feedback from all parties involved in the Area Commander program.  The success of our program is largely based on the involvement of our community, thus proving that meeting attendance is critical.  Quarterly meetings provide:
  • Proper problem identification
  • An exchange of information
  • Identification of effective long term solutions
  • Mobilization of community resources
  • An arena for citizens to meet with representatives of City Council, and other city departments to discuss their community's needs
  • An opportunity to disseminate information regarding upcoming community events

Program Strategies
We are committed to:
  • Instilling in employees a thorough understanding of community based policing
  • Assigning line level officers to specific areas in order to work closely with community members
  • Identifying both public safety and quality of life issues
  • Providing a comprehensive response to problems
  • Establishing and maintaining trust within our community
Police Department Calendar
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Community Meeting Minutes
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