Downtown Facade Program

Façade Rehabilitation Program
The façade rehabilitation program along Sierra Avenue is major redevelopment project being undertaken as part of the overall downtown revitalization program. The façade rehabilitation program is a multi-phased program.
  • Phase 1 was completed in 2007 and included the block face on the east side of Sierra Avenue between Orange Way and Valencia Avenue.
  • Phase 2 was completed in April, 2010. Phase 2 includes the block face on the east side of Sierra Ave. between Valencia Ave. and Arrow Boulevard. Phase 2 also includes remedial improvements to the rear alley supporting the Phase 1 project.
  • Phase 3 will focus on the west side of Sierra Ave. between Arrow Highway and Valencia Avenue, plus the alleys for the second and third phase blocks. Design plans are underway for Façade Rehabilitation Program Phase 3.

The rehabilitation program is being carried out through the use of façade easements granted to the Agency for 10 years. The Agency is funding the program as a way of helping to revitalize the downtown by putting a fresh architectural face on the buildings and making access more attractive to shoppers. New sidewalk and street landscaping will also be a part of the program.

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Redevelopment Analyst
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