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Recycling Locations
These sites have collection bins for discarding Household Batteries and/or Beverage Containers.



Household Battery Bins 

Beverage Recycling Bins

 Art Depot   16822 Spring St.  Yes  Yes
 Almeria Park  7250 Almeria Ave.    Yes
 Bill Martin Park  7881 Juniper Ave.    Yes
 City Hall  8353 Sierra Ave.  Yes  Yes
 Coyote Canyon Park  6398 Citrus Ave.    Yes
 Cypress Center  8380 Cypress Ave.  Yes  Yes
 Don Day Center  14501 Live Oak Ave.  Yes  
 DSO Building  8353 Sierra Ave.  Yes  
 Engineering Building  17001 Upland Ave.  Yes  
 Fontana Senior Center  16710 Ceres Ave.  Yes  
 Fontana Park  15556 Summit Ave.  Yes  Yes
 Fontana Police Department  17005 Upland Ave.  Yes  
 Fontana Police Office  17122 Slover S# K107  Yes  
 Heritage Neighborhood Cntr.  7350 W. Liberty Prkwy.  Yes  
 Human Resources  8353 Sierra Ave.  Yes  
 Jack Bulik Teen Center  16581 Filbert Ave.  Yes  Yes
 Jack Bulik Park  16581 Filbert Ave.    Yes
 Martin Tudor  11660 Sierra Ave.    Yes
 Koehler Park  15352 Walnut Ave.    Yes
 Lewis Library  9473 Sierra Ave.  Yes
 McDermott Park  7846 S. Heritage Loop    Yes
 Miller Center  17004 Arrow Blvd.  Yes  Yes
 Nature Center  11501 Cypress Ave.  Yes  Yes
 North Tamarind Park  8025 Tamarind Ave.    Yes
 Oak Park  14180 Live Oak    Yes
 Patricia Marrujo Park  5730 Avenal Ave.    Yes
 Public Works  16489 Orange Way  Yes  
 Public Works West Annex  16489 Orange Way  Yes
 Rec. & Com. Serv. Dept.  16860 Valencia Ave.  Yes  
 Rosena East Park  15299 Curtis Ave.    Yes
 Rosena West Park  6090 Greys Peak Ave.    Yes
 San Sevaine Park  5444 Cherry Ave.    Yes
 Shadow Park  14250 Shadow Ave.    Yes
 Skate Park  16581 Filbert Ave.    Yes
 Southridge Park  14501 Live Oak Ave.    Yes
 Sports Complex  6398 Citrus Ave.    Yes
 Sycamore Hills Park  11075 Mayberry Dr    Yes
 Veteran's Park  17255 Merrill Ave    Yes
 Veteran's Park West  9055 Mango Ave.    Yes
 Village Park  15601 Village Dr.    Yes

Fontana City Hall
8353 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335
Ph: (909) 350-7600
M-Th, 8am - 6pm