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San Sevaine Trail Connectivity Plan
San Sevaine Trail Overview

The San Sevaine Trail is a 2-mile long walking and cycling pathway that currently poses significant connectivity challenges as the system is fragmented and forces trail crossings to occur at controlled intersections by means of existing sidewalks.  The plan will extend the San Sevaine Trail 11.5 miles and will identify a pedestrian and cyclist friendly network that will seamlessly connect the City of Fontana and the surrounding area.  The planning process will also help identify key connections for residents to commute to local jobs, schools, and shopping areas and will address air quality, health, and safety concerns.


Contact Information
For More Information, please contact Monique Reza, Project Manager at (909) 350-7607 or by Email.

Fontana City Hall
8353 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335
Ph: (909) 350-7600
M-Th, 8am - 6pm