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Project Updates
October 28, 2015
We hope this is a convenient way for the community to access the I-15 freeway and to access points east along Duncan Canyon Road.  Thank you for your patience during the long construction period. 

Please note, although the project is open for public use, there are still a few remaining items the contractor will continue to work on.  They include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Grading
  • Weed Abatement
  • Hydro-seed for erosion control
  • Edison still working on electrical system
Because of this, you may continue to experience some lane closures, and the bridge lights may be on at odd hours of the day.  These will be alleviated upon full completion of the project.

Additionally, staff has received several inquiries from residents requesting additions to the intersection.  Please know that staff is monitoring the traffic flows at the intersection and will continue to do so.  Federal and state required studies must be preformed prior to altering roadways. 

October 15, 2015


The Duncan Canyon Bridge is closed to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

Danger of electrocution

Please stay off the bridge until construction is complete.

Thank you.

More Information

October 8, 2015

Dear Fontana Residents,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced during construction of the Duncan Canyon Interchange project. We understand your frustration that the soft opening scheduled for this week has been once again delayed.  Your safety is our number one priority as we work with Southern California Edison to resolve a serious safety issue identified in the newly constructed underground electrical lines. We are working with everyone involved to provide a safe, structurally sound interchange that will help meet Fontana’s future traffic connectively needs. 

We ask for your continued patience as SCE crews work to resolve the safety concern. Crews will be running all new wires to power the bridge, street lights and traffic signals. They are estimating two weeks to complete this process. With complex construction projects of this magnitude, unfortunately, unforeseen issues arise that are out of anyone’s control. We are confident that SCE will be working diligently to resolve the current safety issue and get this long-awaited project completed. 

In the meantime, please bear with us as we work to make Fontana even better. We thank you for your understanding. We will be keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions or concerns

Kevin Ryan
Strategic Transportation Engineering Manager
City of Fontana

September 22, 2015
Unfortunately, with the utility scheduling delays and the rain we had last week, the project has been delayed an additional two weeks.  So we are looking at the week of October 5, 2015 for the interchange to open to the public.  We appreciate your patience as we monitor the progression of the project on a day to day basis.

A few items left to complete include:
  • Bridge grinding and striping
  • Fence Installation
  • A few Caltrans tests

September 3, 2015
We knew so much two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, what we knew changed, and construction scheduling conflicts have forced the opening dates back a week.  The date for the soft opening of the projects has been moved from September 15, 2015 to September 23, 2015. This soft opening will make the project available for use to the public.  The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony has also been pushed back to October 23, 2015.

August 19, 2015
The closure pour occurred as scheduled, and Southern California Edison is in the process of running new lines and removing existing overhead lines by the end of August.  As you may have noticed, the bridge façade is progressing.

PROJECT COMPLETION IS UPON US!! The bridge will be open to traffic prior to or on September 15, 2015.  That's less than four weeks away! As we get closer, a solid date will be determined and we will inform the public.  However, we know for sure that a Dedication Ceremony will take place at 9:00 AM on October 16, 2015.  Please join us if you're able!

August 6, 2015
We are now 51 days into the 60 day bridge-settlement period.  The "Closure Pour" is scheduled for August 15th. This will close the gap between the old bridge and the newly constructed portion of the bridge.  Traffic Signal poles will be installed the week of August 11, and the construction of the bridge façade is currently underway.  We are VERY close to completion. 

July 8, 2015
We are 22 days into the 60 day bridge-settlement period. You may have noticed that the falsework has been dropped, and the traffic split on the I-15 freeway has been removed. The freeway has been restriped back to its normal configuration. Moving forward, here is the work that is currently underway and that is on the list to be done over the next three weeks:
  • Electrical Work
  • Street lights
  • Traffic Signals

June 10, 2015
The bridge deck pour was completed Tuesday, June 2, 2015, and the falsework and removal of the lane split are anticipated to occur prior to the July 4th holiday weekend.  In the next 60 days street lights, traffic signals, and completion of street paving will take place.  However, before the connection between the old bridge and the new bridge can be poured, 60 days are required to allow the bridge to settle.  After 60 days, the contractor will connect the bridges and pour the remaining deck.  Striping will take place following the connection.

Duncan Canyon Pour


Duncan Pour


Duncan Canyon Deck Pour


May 28, 2015

All utilities have been installed through the bridge, and the contractor is finishing the deck framing.  They are on schedule to "pour the deck" the first week of June.  With this schedule, it is anticipated that the contractor will drop the falsework mid to late June.  The project is currently on schedule to be completed by the end of August.

May 7, 2015
On April 20th, the contactor successfully poured 1,400 cubic yards of concrete to complete the bridge bottom and internal walls.  Now, utilities are being installed through the new bridge, and over the next two weeks, the contractor will finish framing the deck.  Installation of additional steel rebar will be installed following the utilities to meet the next concrete pour for the deck on June first.


Bridge Pour



Steel Rebar


April 15, 2015
Unfortunately, windy days prevailed, and the deck pour has been rescheduled to Monday, April 20th.  The contractor has completed installing 1 million pounds of steel. 

For some fun-fact trivia, 1 million pounds of steel is equivalent to:
2.5 Blue Whales
Blue Whale
500 Polar Bears
Polar Bear
 1,000 Baby Elephants
 Baby Elephant

Below are pictures of the work done to date, and we hope to be posting pictures of the concrete pour soon.  As a reminder, please use caution on the I-15 Freeway!

Duncan Bridge Steel 1



Duncan Bridge Steel 2


April 2, 2015
The contractor remains on-schedule despite recent weather.  Coffman Specialties brought additional staff out to maintain the construction schedule following the rain days.  Thank you, Coffman!

The first concrete pour of the deck is scheduled for the week of April 6th.

March 19, 2015
Progress continues on the project.  The contractor is currently installing the framing and the rebar in preparation of the concrete "pour."  The first bridge concrete pour is scheduled for the first week of April, pending no additional weather-related delays.

Please remember to use caution when driving the I-15 in the vicinity of this project.  This is a low bridge and since the falsework has been erected, it has been hit 3 times by illegal oversized loads. 

Rebar and Deck

Deck Framing

Wall Frame

February 18, 2015
Despite approximately 7 holidays and weather-related delays, the falsework construction continues and will be completed by Friday, 2/20/15, barring no additional weather delays.  Bridge construction will begin immediately following the completion of the falsework. 

The main concern for all agencies and construction crews involved in completing this project is the speed of those traveling on the I-15.  Please use caution when traveling through the traffic split areas on the I-15 and Slow for the Cone Zone!
 Slow for Cone Zone

February 5, 2015
It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that the City of Fontana announces the Falsework construction has begun at Duncan Canyon Road on the I-15.  The aggressive schedule shows the bridge completed, the falsework removed, and ultimately the traffic split removed in approximately three months. Following this, and additional 2-3 months of work on the project will be needed.  The City continues to see full project completion in late summer.

January 6, 2015
The contractor will stripe in the new lane lines on Wednesday night and set K-Rail on Thursday for the Traffic Split*.  The new configuration will open on Friday morning, January 9 and be in place through project completion.  The southbound lane configuration will reflect the image shown below:
 Traf Split

The contractor has updated his completion schedule, and the projection for completion is August 12, 2015, not withstanding any potential weather delays.  (Examples of weather that can delay a project include rain and wind.)

*Information on the need for the traffic split can be found here.

December 3, 2014
The City Team discussed the traffic split with Caltrans and the determination is to push the traffic split out to January in order to avoid additional freeway delays during the holiday season.

The schedule has been determined and is as follows: 
  • I-15 Southbound: This traffic split will occur the week of January 5, 2015. Per the agreement with Caltrans, the southbound traffic split will be in place for one week to monitor the traffic adjustment.
  • I-15 Northbound: This traffic split will be put in place following the week-long monitor of the southbound split.

November 17, 2014
The City received approval for the freeway split on 11/4/14 to move forward.  Also, the City met with the contractor and a tentative schedule was discussed. Tentatively, the contractor will implement the southbound freeway split in early December.  Once the entire schedule is finalized, it will be posted here. 

October 29, 2014
On October 27, the City of Fontana met with Caltrans and received 8 additional comments from Caltrans on the I-15 Freeway Split Plans.  The design consultant is currently amending the plans for resubmittal.

On October 27, the City also met with the Construction Manager and the Contractor to prepare for the approval, by Caltrans, of the freeway split.

On November 3, the City will meet with the Construction Manager and the Contractor to finalize plans to restart the bridge construction.  The topics of the meeting will include:
  • Detour Plan
  • Emergency Plan
  • Traffic Split
  • Bridge Schedule (This will be posted upon approval)

October 28, 2014
Information from the October 20, 2014 Community Meeting can be found by clicking here.

October 21, 2014

The City of Fontana is working with Caltrans to complete the bridge construction.  If you would like project updates sent to you, please fill out the I-15 Duncan Canyon Interchange Update Form.

December 2012
The contractor is working on building the dirt piles for the embankments, storm drains, and utility relocation's.

Groundbreaking Ceremony 
Friday, October 12, 2012
Join us as we mark the construction of the Interstate 15 Duncan Canyon Road Interchange Project. Stop by between 10:00 am to 11:30 am to learn more about the project.

Public Information Meeting
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 from 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Please stop by anytime between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM to learn about the project, see maps and renderings, and talk to project team members in an open-house style forum.  Construction will be starting soon.

August 14, 2012, Construction Contract Award
The City Council awarded a construction contract for the Interstate 15 / Duncan Canyon at the Fontana City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 14th to Coffman Specialties, Inc. for $22,865,987.71.

Fontana City Hall
8353 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335
Ph: (909) 350-7600
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