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R-4 and R-5 Zoning Districts
Stephanie Hall
Senior Planner

8353 Sierra Avenue
Fontana, CA  92335

Ph: (909) 350-6656

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Project Description
In an effort to transition the City of Fontana from a community that utilizes passenger vehicles as the primary mode of transportation to one that is more walkable and sustainable, new Multi Family Medium to High Density Residential (R-4) and Multi Family High Density Residential (R-5) zoning districts are being proposed adjacent to mass transit. The R-4 district will allow for densities of 25-39 dwelling units per acre, while the R-5 district will allow for densities of 40-50 dwelling units per acre. High densities surrounding mass transit will serve as a tool in transitioning the City into a more walkable and sustainable community that fully integrates multiple uses in a cohesive manner (e.g. Mixed-Use and Transit Oriented Developments). Such unity will encourage pedestrian connectivity, thereby reducing vehicular trips, using land efficiently, and creating more active and lively urban environments.

Fontana City Hall
8353 Sierra Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335
Ph: (909) 350-7600
M-Th, 8am - 6pm