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Annual Fire Safety Permits
The purpose of the Annual Inspection Program is to promote public awareness and education, as well as assist business owners in obtaining compliance with Fire Code requirements to reduce the risk of an emergency occurring.

All buildings or occupancies, except single-family dwellings, within the City are divided into two categories:
  • Non-permitted occupancies
  • Permitted occupancies

Non-Permitted Occupancies
Occupancies that have very few hazards normally do not require Annual Fire Permits. These are visited biannually by a company from the local fire station as a free service.

Permitted Occupancies
These occupancies have greater fire or life safety hazards or have processes, uses, or equipment that are regulated by the California Fire Code. These occupancies may require one or more Annual Fire Permits, and are inspected by trained Fire Prevention staff, after which permits are issued upon compliance with the Fire Code.

Examples of these types of occupancies include places of assembly, those that store or handle hazardous materials or flammable liquids, combustible material storage, use of open flames, and those with special extinguishing systems.

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