Continuing the Registration Process

Update Shopping Cart
If more than one family member will be attending the activity, change the quantity, choose Update Cart, then checkout.

Choose Enrollees
This page allows users to choose the family members that will be registering for each activity. Choose family members for each activity, and then select Continue. Please note, if you have not added your family members before reaching the Enrollee Information Page, they will not appear under the Enrollee heading. You can click on My Account from here and add your family members. Once all family members have been added, then select Shopping Cart. From there you may continue to Checkout.

Review your Shopping Cart. From this screen you can remove activities from your cart, view more activities, or update your cart. If everything is correct, click on the Checkout button to proceed.

Confirm Prices
On the Confirm Prices page look over your transaction to confirm the prices, times, and dates of each activity / class. Select Continue to proceed.

Print out a copy of your receipt.

If you have questions regarding online registration, please call (909) 349-6900. If you have questions about specific activities, please contact the community center where that activity takes place for more information.