How to Register

Registering for Activities

Please use the following steps to register for activities online:
  • Set Up an Account:

    If you do not have an account, please view how to set one up.
  • Search for an Activity:

    You may search for activities by location or category (type). You may also sort the list and choose whether you want to see activities that take place in the future or are currently in progress. Activities with information that is grayed-out on the screen are not currently available for registration. Follow the link on the activity name to see more details about the activity.
  • Choose an Activity for Enrollment:

    In the Activity Detail screen, click on Add to My Cart in the blue banner under the activity description or at the bottom of the page.
    • Additional Activities:

      After you have logged on, you may continue searching and adding activities to your Shopping Cart.
  • Login:

    If you have an account enter your customer ID and password.

Adding Family Members

If you wish to enroll family members other than yourself:
  • Select My Account
  • Select Change Family Members
  • Fill in the information completely for each member of your family

Note: Many of our activities have age restrictions, therefore, birth dates are required.

View the rest of the registration process.