Application Process

Emergency Status
Following submission of an application, Housing Department staff will determine program eligibility and contact the applicant to inspect the property. If the problem identified is an eligible emergency, state-licensed contractors will be asked to bid on the project. Following which, a contractor will be selected and repair work will commence.

Eligible Repairs
Only work that is considered an emergency (crucial to health or safety) is eligible through this program.

Examples of eligible repairs include:
  • Unsanitary plumbing conditions
  • Hazardous electrical
  • Sewer line or septic tank failure
  • Unsafe structural conditions
  • Catastrophic damage (tree or car into house)

Non-Eligible Repairs
Examples of non-eligible repairs include:
  • Roofing and roof repairs 
  • Carpeting
  • Painting
  • Fence repair
  • Termite damage

Additional Information
All repairs must be approved by the City of Fontana Housing Department. Any additional expense exceeding the program maximum will be the sole responsibility of the property owner. For more information call (909) 350-6720.