Active Transportation Plan




Project Description

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is a city-wide master plan that will provide a clear and comprehensive framework for new and safer connectivity of non-motorized transportation options throughout the City.  Ultimately, the ATP will become a part of the Circulation Element of the City of Fontana's General Plan.

The ATP Plan will:

  • Identify opportunities and challenges for implementation of improvements
  • Identify recommended improvements to existing city-wide bicycle and pedestrian pathways
  • Propose new bikeways, pedestrian walkways, and Safe Routes to School networks and close existing gaps
  • Establish on-going maintenance programs for these non-motorized pathways
  • Create a Bicycle Master Plan
  • Create a Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Create a Trail Master Plan
  • Provide a comprehensive project list from which a priority list of 20 project locations and an implementation plan will be created
  • Provide a "Best Practices" toolkit for implementation of all identified non-motorized transportation facilities
  • Design Standards which will include standard cross sections

The ATP Process

The project schedule for the Active Transportation Plan is as follows:

  • October through December is the Public Outreach Period. You will be able to submit comments and input through the survey above, or you can meet us at one of the events listed below.
  • In April of 2017, we will have a draft Active Transportation Plan for review and comment.
  • In August of 2017, we will have a final draft plan for City Council Adoption.

Public Outreach

The next opportunity for the public to provide input will be when the draft document is introduced which will be in Spring of 2017.

Community Feedback


sunset on sierra logo.JPG          

Sunset on Sierra took place on July 30th, 2016. The successful event was coordinated in partnership with Go Human, a campaign to promote traffic safety and encourage more people to walk and bike in Southern California. An estimated 8,000 people were in attendance. Of these 8,000 attendees, 151 participated in a survey asking them what they would suggest to make our streets safer and more complete. Each of these suggestions had strong support.


A few residents enjoying Sunset on Sierra.

 sunset on sierra.jpg  sunset on sierra2.jpg

Complete Streets

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will provide recommendations to implement Complete Streets improvements. These improvements provide safe, convenient access for all users including motorists, bicyclists, transit operators and users, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.
 complete street drawing2.JPG complete street fundamentals.jpg 

Existing Conditions

The City of Fontana currently lacks bicycle lanes, and many streets have missing sidewalks and obstructions.
 lack of bicycle facilities.JPG
 missing sidewalks.JPG
 sidewalk obstructions.JPG


Below are examples of how other jurisdictions have implemented Complete Street improvements.


 buffered bicycle lane.JPG

Bicycle Lanes

 parking protected bike lanes.JPG

Parking-protected bicycle lanes

For More Information

If you have any questions on this project, please contact the Engineering Department via email or at (909) 350-7610.