Citywide Bus Stop Project

Project Description
The City of Fontana was awarded $58,651.00 in funding from the Transportation Development Act (TDA) Grant for the Citywide Bus Stop Project. This project will construct concrete sidewalk at bus stops at 28 locations within the City.
  • Project Status - Completed December 2014
Bus stops will be constructed at the following locations:
  • Walnut at Oleander
  • Sierra at Ivy
  • San Bernardino at Citrus
  • Sierra at Walnut
  • Marygold at Kempster
  • Randall at Citrus (EB)
  • Randall at Citrus (WB)
  • Walnut at Sierra
  • San Bernardino at Catawba (EB)
  • San Bernardino at Cypress (EB)
  • San Bernardino at Catawba (WB)
  • Valley at Health Care Parkway (EB)
  • San Bernardino at Poplar (EB)
  • Citrus at Walnut
      • Juniper at Marigold
      • Marygold at Juniper (EB)
      • San Bernardino at Cypress (WB)
      • San Bernardino at Poplar (WB)
      • Jurupa at Cypress
      • San Bernardino at Juniper
      • Baseline at Heritage
      • Sierra at Miller (SB)
      • Sierra at Walnut
      • Sierra at Ash
      • Jurupa at Citrus
      • Baseline at Mid Block (EB)
      • Valley at Vinyard Valley
      • Randall at Oleander

      Location Map
       Citywide Bus Stop Improvements.jpg