FASP Highlights

January 2017 Highlights
Maple Elementary
  • Our Maple Mustangs learned about the upcoming Chinese New Year. We watched a quick video that gave us many fun facts about the festivities. The students were very interested about the traditions practiced, traditional foods, and the different animals for each year. This year is the Year of the Rooster. They also got to do their own Chinese lantern.

  • With all the cold winter storms we have been experiencing, we enjoyed a fun activity about penguins and how they stay warm and dry in their cold and wet habitat. The students learned some fun facts about penguins, created a crayon drawing of a penguin, and used a spray bottle to wet their drawing to see its water resistance, similar to a penguin's fur.
Alder Middle
  • Before going on vacation, Alder FASP held a GLOW IN THE DARK party. There were balloons, glow sticks, and black lights everywhere you turned. “Freelance Event Sound and Lighting” did an amazing job with all the lights and provided music for our whole event. Ms. Tonia and Mr. Sid created the most amazing photo booth that everyone waited in line for to take a picture with their friends. Overall, December ended on a fun note, which all the students at Alder will remember. 

  • Alder will be hosting its 3rd Family Bingo Game Night. The last two went off with a blast and we are hoping for a bigger turn out this time. With the help from the Fontana Walmart, we were given a huge donation. We are excited for parents and students see what we have as a prize.

Primrose Elementary
  • With the start of the new year and the second half of our school year, we thought it would boost the spirits of both students and staff by creating a state of mindfulness as they transition from school day to after school. We initiated a time for relaxation during supper time, where we play soft music and the students can take a few minutes to relax, take a few deep breaths, lay their head down, and simply unwind. 

  • Staff has also incorporated time into their day where they discuss the students’ weather forecast. The forecast allows our students to take a moment to reflect on how they are feeling. They draw in their journals and share their weather forecast with their classmates. This has given staff an opportunity to connect with our students while getting a better understanding of how they are feeling.