Sierra Warehouse

Project Description

The project as proposed is for the construction of a 742,142 square foot high-cubed logistic warehouse located on approximately 34.2 acres comprised of five (5) parcels (0239-161-16,-23, -25, -26, and -43/Project Area A).  The project site is zoned Regional Mixed Use (R-MU) and is located in the Warehousing Distribution/Logistics Overlay District (WDLOD).  The project also includes one (1) parcel (0239-161-27/Project Area B) of approximately five (5) acres zoned General Commercial (C-2) for a total site area of approximately 39.2 acres.

The proposed warehouse includes two (2) potential office spaces that total approximately 35,000 square feet and are located at the northwest corner and southwest corner of the proposed warehouse. The two (2) office spaces provide the opportunity for two (2) potential tenants. The truck bays (approximately 104 in total) will be oriented to face north and south, away from Sierra Avenue. Daily activities within the project site will include maneuvering forklifts, lift equipment, and large semi-trucks through and around the site and backing into the loading docks, all of which emit the warning (high pitch beep beep) sounds consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements . On-site water quality and storm drainage will be addressed through the placement of three (3) detention basins, one located linearly along the north side of the site and the second and third basins in the southwest and southeast corners of the site. To facilitate traffic there are two (2) truck/passenger car driveways on Sierra Avenue, one (1) truck/passenger driveway on Summit Avenue and two (2) truck/passenger car driveways on Mango Avenue. The site plan and circulation has been designed to maximize truck traffic on Mango Avenue.

In addition to the site-specific development, the project will also include the construction of specific offsite improvements (including requisite water, sewer, and storm drain facilities to support the project and street frontage improvements on Sierra Avenue, Summit Avenue, and Mango Avenue). Commensurate with the WDLOD requirements the project will also include the construction of Mango Avenue along the property’s easterly frontage and continuing south for another approximately .9 miles, at a modified cross-section with 28 feet pavement, continuing in a tail pattern for the last approximately 550 feet intersecting with Sierra Lakes Parkway at a ninety degree angle consistent with the General Plan Circulation Element, and as shown on Tentative Parcel Map No. 17771. The full right-of-way for Mango Avenue from the northern boundary of the project site to Sierra Lakes Parkway at the ultimate right-of-way of 68 feet will be evaluated in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). However, as previously mentioned the proposed project only includes the construction of a modified cross-section of 28 feet from Summit Avenue to Sierra Lakes Parkway.

Environmental Document(s)